Urban Agriculture

Urban Transformation Network’s (UTN) urban course is designed to prepare participants for a career in the landscape industry. Participants receive hands-on instruction in topics such as soil and botany, raised beds, and plant pathology and more from instructors who have years of experience working in those fields. Instruction is conducted at our urban garden locations where participants have the opportunity to apply their classroom instruction on real landscape projects.

UTN Staff are dedicated to producing knowledge and creating unique educational opportunities for students who will manage the farms and agribusiness of the future.

Faith based and other not-for-profit organizations become partners with UTN and provide youth from their organizations with the opportunity to learn urban agriculture. The University of Illinois – Extension and the Illinois Nutrition Education Programs teach the urban agriculture component,

Link here to “Become A Partner” with UTN as an organization or call 773-677-6946 to get your youth involved in an urban agriculture program.