BECOME A Urban Transformation Network UTN PARTNER

Please complete the following Application to Become a UTN Partner. An application must be completed and submitted along with a copy of the organization’s Internal Revenue Service Exemption letter. If the organization would like for its purchases of Discounted Products to be exempted from sales taxes, then a copy of the organization’s State Sales Tax Exemption letter must be uploaded, but this is optional. Once the application and exemption letter is received by UTN, then you will receive an email confirming our receipt of your application and letter. UTN Staff will review your application and letter and verify its accuracy, and then recommend approval or denial of Partner status to the UTN President. If your organization is approved by the President as a UTN Partner, then you will receive an approval email with your UTN Code (UTNC). This code will be used by your Supporters each time they purchase UTN discounted products so that you may receive credit for their purchases towards your monthly donation from UTN. All purchases will be delivered to your organization’s shipping address once a week, and your Supporters will be required to pick-up the products from your location.

As an approved UTN Partner you will receive access to your own back office webpage where you will be able to review reports that will enable you to track the purchases made by your supporters and and your organization; the dollar value of the Donation you should receive from UTN for the month. You will use your organization’s email address as the “User ID”, a password you will establish, and your assigned “UTNC” to access your back office webpage.

The following scale will be used for the computation of the donation:

$1.00 to $500 – 4% of the gross amount ordered for the month.

$501 to $1,000 – 5% of the gross amount ordered for the month.

$1,001 to $2,000 – 6% of the gross amount ordered for the month.

$2,000 and above – 7% of the gross amount ordered for the month.


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